Monday, August 3, 2020

Operibus infructuosis (Eph. 5:11)

When we are asked about the direction of our life motivation, there will be the same nuance of the answer that tells about satisfaction gained from our life. Then, we will bring it in our prayer. When we are awake in the morning, we will get ready to pray and to prepare things for our activities for the same direction that is to fulfill our satisfaction.

Since the falling of Adam and Eve in sin in the Garden of Eden, God keeps guarding and loving us as His 'holy creation'. God was keeping away men from the life tree by placing a flaming sword (Genesis 3 : 24). God keeps protecting Cain after punishing him. In the end, we have Christ, our savior. From here, we can recognize the human nature that we can do right and wrong, and there is always a punishment to teach us and to bring us in the right salvation path. Our God is great, we are guaranteed by His grace for our eternal salvation. From the first in the garden of Eden, God has shown his holy warn to prevent men to experience suffering, to let men experience 'holy satisfaction', the most perfect one.

God's work of salvation and our perfect satisfaction still exist. He even lets us sense and experience His Kingdom on earth. When we keep doing His commands and His teaching, we are gonna experience perfect satisfaction. Having the material or worldliness satisfaction will not guarantee us to have the perfect one. Having a big house even the most comfortable one, it doesn't guarantee us to have a happy, peaceful, and joyful life.

Holy satisfaction can be only attained by having meaningful works. No one can claim us wrong if we do His command and teaching; walking in the light in His path. That's the blessing, that's the amazing grace that we can sense on the earth. God will surely bless and protect us while doing these fruitful works. Amen. God bless us all!

By Ceisy Nita Wuntu.

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