Friday, July 5, 2024

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"Jesus in the middle" – John 19:18.

Jesus Christ is in the center of the universe. He is in the center of your soul. Even enemies and killers of Jesus put him in the middle. The Son of God was the main focus of Pilate who asked him about the truth. And Jesus is the most important person for every Christian in the world. He is the King of our life and the Giver of the Holy Spirit.

But like in ancient times it also happens nowadays that many people ignore him. They know Jesus Christ because they read about him in their own languages. Celebrities and simple people acknowledge that he lived on the earth 2000 years ago. Yet, some crucify him because they do not accept his truth. The others take only some words of his teaching which they like. Artists treat him as a model for their performances and pieces of art. Philosophers discuss his deeds and thoughts. Comics laugh at him as an object of irony and stupidity.

Thanks to God, there are best friends of Jesus like his mother and women who stood beside the cross. These close friends support him not only when he wins but also when he loses. They will love him forever and ever. The Son of God lives in their hearts and teaches them to love one another. They follow their Master as his beloved disciples. And even after his death, they keep his words until he returns.


Bible reflection on John 19:17-30 by Fr. Joseph Trzebuniak SVD.

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