Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tu es Filius meus dilectus (Lk 3:22).

You are my beloved Son.

It is true that we are beloved children of God. This truth should make us responsible and humble. Thus, we are to follow the example of John the Baptist who even being a great prophet humbled himself. He did know that he was dependent and his power came from the heavenly Father. All gifts he had he received as the grace of God. Moreover, he was aware that every human being needs to be cleansed in the water of reconciliation. Afterwards, it is possible to be gifted with the fire of the Holy Spirit. In such a way, all of us are able to become brothers and sisters of the Son of God. This is a wonderful mistery which is to be contemplated by us. Threre is never enough praise, worship and prayer to understand it completely. It can only be comprehended in the open heart which is enkindled by the divine flame.  

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