Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adorent eum omnes angeli Dei (Heb 1:6).

Let all the angels of God worship him.

God speaks to us through his beloved Son, Jesus Christ. And we looking forward to his words are to open our ears and listen to him. He communicates with us in many various ways. First of all, we find his message in the Scriptures, but also in the created universe. There we perceive the refulgence of his glory and the very imprint of his being. Moreover, we experience his presence in our conscience since he does sustain us by his mighty grace. Long ago he lived among people and now he is with us in the holy sacraments of the Church. Thus, we are able to look at his divine Majesty which is awe-inspiring. As a result, we become holier and holier and take part in the community of saints. For we are members of one great human family. And in such a way we join the angels praising God unceasingly in the heavenly glory.  

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