Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ite et interrogate diligenter de puero (Mt 2:8).

Go and search dilligently for the child.

There are always good and bad circumstances in which we live. Usually on the one hand, there is something advantagous for us, but on the other there are difficulties and troubles. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ comes as a tiny child to such a world. And from the very beginning  there are dangers around his Holy Family. For instance, there is a terrifying envy of king Herod. But at the same time, there are gifts from the wise men. As human beings we do experience similar situations in our lives. And it depends on us where we turn our face. Obviously, there are problems we are to deal with, but also happiness, friendship and love. It is our choice what we will choose and share with each other. We can either follow the soldiers of the evil king or the stars which brighten our way. Moreover, we are able to choose life or death and be the servants of love or hatred. However, the little child shows us that true happiness can be achieved only by being humble. So we just need to stop for a while and contemplate the new born child with his Parents. Doing that we are to offer our best treasure which each of us has. It can be gold of virtue, frankincence of prayer or myrrh of our daily work... 

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