Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ancora animae (Heb 6:19).

An anchor of the soul.

Our strength comes from the love which God has towards us. Accordingly, we are children of God when we love one another. And these two kinds of love complement each other. The reason is that God created us to love. Firstly, we are to love our Father in heaven and then our friends on earth. The stronger our relationship with God is, the more intensive our love towards people. There is also a source of other virtues, like faith and hope. Since the more we love, the more we believe and trust. Furthermore, God promises us that he is taking care of us all the time from our birth to the very end. He blesses and leads us if only we put our trust in him. Otherwise, when we look for other guarantee of happiness beside him, we are being confounded and disappointed. For just in him is the fulness of all things. Over all, God is the most trustworthy and from him does our encouragement come. Therefore, let us hold fast to the hope that stems from God. As a result, we will reach the everlasting delight in his heavenly kingdom.

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