Sunday, January 27, 2013

Praedicare caecis visum (Lk 4:18).

Recovery of sight to the blind.

Jesus still keeps preaching the Good News in our churches. Also he has the power of Spirit to heal and strengthen us. Everybody needs to meet with him in the holy sacraments and to receive his grace. Furthermore, his words have the special spiritual strength to make miracles in our lives. It was true in the past and similarly nowadays. In the moment we are listening to the Scripture, our heart is being touched by his Spirit. Since the Spirit of the Lord is upon us in the Christian community. Accordingly, we are to be anointed through his sacraments and to hear the glad tidings. In addition, we are to become free of our weaknesses and our spiritual sight is to be recovered. Consequently, after attending a mass we are fulfilled with new hope and understanding of the God's will. Thus, each of us is getting to know what his role and vocation in God's plan is. For as human beings we want to be sure that we are doing good and necessary things.  

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