Friday, January 4, 2013

Semen Dei in eo manet (1 Jn 3:9).

God's seed remains in him.

We are children of God. Consequently, there is more goodness than evil in us. However, we are often tempted by the Devil and follow his advice. Therefore, we commit sins and become unhappy. Nonetheless, the Son of God comes to us and destroys the works of the Devil. Moreover, he enriches us with divine graces in order to make us his beloved brothers and sisters. As a result, we give him thanks and start living a holy life again. But all the time we need his help to fight against sin. God's presence fills our hearts with joy and encourages us to do our best. Also we want Jesus to be our Lord and Master. For we believe that only he is able to rule the world with justice and equity. For that reason, we keep looking for him and try to find him in the holy sacraments. Moved by his words and works we are looking forward to the encounter with him. Sometimes just one word of Jesus can change everything in our life. Thus we know that following Christ is the best choice we could ever make. Since he is our strength, happiness and all we really need.

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