Friday, January 18, 2013

Nolite obdurare corda vestra (Heb 3:7).

Harden not your hearts!

We need a proper attitude to listen to God. First, we are to open our heart and be ready to receive his knowledge. The point is to listen carefully with love and in silence. Otherwise, we argue with God and think only about our interests. However, we are supposed to hear the words of God which are much more important than our opinions. Keeping attention and searching the will of God is the most necessary thing in our life. Finding it we enter the divine rest and share peace with one another. Furthermore, bowing down in worship and kneeling before the Lord makes us humble and prepares for accepting the blessing from him. In such a way, God is able to guard us and lead us on the paths of holiness. Maintaining in his presence we are being cleansed from our iniquities and weaknesses. As a result, we are strengthened and gifted with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, we can provide God's graces into the hearts of others who need them. 

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