Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quis est qui vincit mundum (1 Jn 5:5).

Who indeed is the victor?

Believer is a strong man because his faith helps him to live. He is never alone because he always follows Jesus. And even if it is very difficult, he never gives up because his Saviour showed him how to overcome the problems. Accordingly, the believer knows both how to enjoy and how to suffer. He is not afraid of any circumstances. Such a man is supported by the Holy Spirit who is the source of his strength and courage. Furthermore, he is certain that his Father is waiting for him in the heavenly kingdom. In such a way, the person who has strong faith is optimistic, thankful and peaceful. He seeks opportunity to pray all the time for there lays true happiness. Keeping contact with God and depending on him is the crutial thing for his spiritual life. As a result, the believer is becoming more and more aware of being a beloved child of God. And it makes him the true victor of the world too.

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