Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Omnis sacerdos stat cotidie ministrans (Heb 10:11).

Every priest stands daily at his ministry.

Why do we stand daily at our ministry? Why do we pray every day and keep talking to God? The reason is that he invites us to sit at his side. In such a way, he wants to make us secure and peaceful. Since by our own we are not able to achieve it. We are not powerful and we do need support and guidence from our Lord. Although we are weak because of our sins, we still desire to see his holy splendor. Somewhere deep inside us there is a longing for the beauty and goodness. For we are created as an image and likeness of the deity. Consequently, we incessantly look for God and try our best to come closer to him. The point is not to give up though it is impossible to become perfect. On the contrary, we are to look and see even if we cannot perceive yet. Also we are to hear and listen even if we do not understand everything. However, there is hope that we will be converted one day. Then we will see our God face to face and enjoy forever.  

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