Monday, January 7, 2013

Quodcumque petierimus (1 Jn 3:22).

Whatever we ask.

We usually do not believe that we receive from God whatever we ask. Either we think that we are not worthy to receive his graces, or we do not ask him according to his will. These are two problems we are to deal with if we would like to please him. Firstly, we ought to be ready to receive holy communion and live without any serious sin. It's first and main condition to become worthy of divine graces. Secondly, we are to keep his commandments which means loving God and our neighbors. It does not seem too difficult to manage it. However, sometimes we follow evil spirits and commit sins we do not like to do. Also we listen to false prophets and are led by them. As a result, the Spirit of God cannot work in us in fulness. Therefore, now again we are invited to acknowledge Jesus as our only Redeemer and Master. We are to get hold on him strongly and do not let anything take us away from him. While being with Jesus and feeling his presence, we can be sure that everything is possible for us. Since he is much greater than our weakness and susceptiblity to sin.

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