Sunday, January 20, 2013

Implete hydrias aqua (Jn 2:5).

Fill the jars with water.

We would like to have many extraordinary days in our life. However, the daily routine makes us bored and exhausted. Moreover, we often lack something to be happy and joyfull. It might even be very simple item. Such a situation shows us that we are just human beings and material things are necessary for us. And here Jesus comes with his Good News to explain us that there are much more important matters we are to remember about. Of course, he also is a man and does not abandon us in our needs. On the contrary, through visible things he points to invisible ones. He makes miracles changing water to wine in order to instruct us in spiritual matters. Since neither water nor wine is the most essential, but simple goodness and ardent love towards others. Accordingly, our body is to serve and help our soul so that we would be able to show our emotions and share our spiritual gifts with one another. 

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