Friday, February 26, 2021

Consenties | Make Peace

"Immediately make peace with your opponent as long as you are with him in the middle of the road..". - Matthew 5: 25

This verse made me realize that all humans in this world have the same status when they are still alive, that is, the status of an immigrant.  We are given time by God to walk with our brothers and sisters in daily encounters.  Our journey in this life's pilgrimage is really very short, but filled with a variety of lessons that we should contemplate.  

Perfect togetherness is sometimes marked by misunderstanding and strife. That's where we are invited to pause, look back inside and hear the subtle voice that comes from our conscience.  Why is there a misunderstanding?  Can I sincerely give forgiveness even though I have been hurt?

Sometimes quarrels, that cause rifts in brotherly relationships, carry a special message for us that pride breaks down the walls of brotherhood.  Friends in the course of our life sometimes turn into opponents and there our humility and patience are tested. Are we going to carry that envy and arrogance until we die?  

Lent is a long period for us to reflect on the events that occurred in our lives.  This is the time to clean up.  God bless us all.  Peace to each one of us.

Reflection on Matthew 5: 20 - 26 by Sr. Yanti Purnawati, SFSC

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