Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mundatus | Cleansed

“A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.”” – Mark 1: 40 (NIV)

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Three things we can see from the gospel story today. First, a humble attitude. A leper said to Jesus, "If you want, you can purify me". This shows an attitude of utter humility and submission. The leper does not demand to be healed, but he pleads with great humility.

Whether in personal prayers, we always demand that our prayers be answered. Are we patiently waiting, or vice versa - demanding that those prayers be answered quickly by God? In my personal reflection on prayers, I experienced that God first granted my need which was once my wish. Each of my prayers also requires my real effort and action to make these prayers come true. If I just simply say a prayer and ask for a miracle, it might be longer than expected.

Second, love. The love that Jesus taught transcends all boundaries, both physically and mentally. Today we celebrate Valentine's Day. The question is: Is it only on February 14th that we share our love with one another? Aren't we obliged to have compassion towards each and every one? Not only because we are Catholics, but because of our nature as humans, believers, and creatures who are interconnected and complement one another.

Third, human nature after receiving what they want is often ungrateful. After being cleansed, Jesus advised the leper not to make Jesus' name public. Maybe Jesus didn't want to be famous or known by many people. It also shows a great attitude on humility. He doesn't like showing off. The leper does not know how to be grateful and appreciate the message of Jesus. Instead, he spread the name of Jesus publicly and as the consequence Jesus couldn't enter the city openly.

Sometimes we can't keep secrets very well. We like to spit things that are really our privacy and affairs. We sometimes get too involved in the affairs of other people's lives without realizing the many positive things that those people have given us. We may take the advice given lightly. We become indifferent and only seek advantages from others. We tend to choose friends who give us material and monetary benefits, and think that those who are not in the same direction with us are enemies to beat. In fact we can pray! We can actually learn from those we look down on – those underprivileged or even from people who are not in line with our mindset.

We learn from Jesus to get along with anyone, also to help people with problems. We also learn from the person who was cleansed from leprosy to know how to be grateful, how to protect the good names of others. Keep them private - it is not to be vomited in public!

God loves us all!

Reflection on 
Mark 1:40-45 by Frt. Sandre Loreng, SVD 

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