Monday, February 8, 2021

Beatus vir | Blessed one

Blessed who endures trial. —1 Jas 1:12

You need to face trials in your life. How many trials have you already experienced in your life? Which of them do you still keep in your memory? Some of them are more and some of them less painful. You can call the most difficult one - the cross of your life.

With the grace of God, you face these struggles and overcome them. You are able to do that because you believe in loving God. You also follow the example of Jesus Christ who took his cross and fulfilled the will of his Father. The Son of God prayed in Gethsemani and got the strength from above to carry his cross. He was tempted to choose his own way but he stayed faithful until the death on the cross. 

Obviously, you can follow your own ideas and desires. You might be easily deceived by evil spirits and people. Consequently, you commit sins and live far from God. But such deeds bring death. You feel it when you do something bad and make the wrong decisions. Your soul slowly becomes depressed and you cannot enjoy your life.   

As a Christian, you need to ask for divine inspiration from the Father of light. You should be faithful especially when you are in trouble and experience suffering. You are to trust God who prepares everything which is good and perfect. Be strong with the word of truth which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Reflection on 1 James 1:12-18 by Fr. J√≥zef Trzebuniak SVD

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