Friday, December 11, 2020

Similis pueris (Mt. 11:16)


The word “repentance” maybe is the most ignored word. For example, we would often call on people close to us to repent and change their ways for the better. Most often than not this call is ignored and they would reason out that they have nothing to repent.

The Lord Jesus was really tired of seeing apathetic people, who were not moved by the cry of repentance He preached. They did not listen to John's cry, nor did the Lord Jesus' voice. So the Lord Jesus made a metaphor. They are like children who are cranky, refusing to be invited to play by their friends. This children's game inspired the Lord Jesus to judge how the attitude of the Jews who were not moved by John's preaching and the preaching that He brought. What the Lord Jesus said is an attractive metaphor for people who do not have a sense of feeling in their life situation. True faith relies on opening its ears, eyes, and heart to grasp God's voice and understand the situation and conditions of his life.

This season of Advent is a call to repentance for us to be more worthy of welcoming of our Savior. But only a few of us give it an ear, we chose to ignore it. Let's listen to this call. We can change our ways for the better.

By Fr. Fransiskus Diaz, SVD.

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