Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Fiat (Lk. 1:38)


Have you been given responsibility in your life? If you have, what do you feel and think before accepting it? Are you afraid and do you reject it? When we are given a task, often these feelings appear. We are afraid that we may fail in doing it. Indeed, every responsibility contains a risk. But, those who believe in God’s providence will carry it without fear. Those who trust in God will see everything that happens in this world happens because of God’s will.

Mary, mother of Jesus is an example for us to say our “Yes” to God’s will. In seeing God’s will she said “Yes” to the responsibility. In the history of Mary’s life, she was the chosen one of God to bear Jesus in her womb. She was surprised when the angel of God came to her and announced the coming of God to the world through her. Mary did not believe it because she was an unmarried woman. It was not easy for Mary to accept it. But she realized that it was God’s will. She opened her heart to accept this message and said,” let it happen to me as you have said.” Mary shows us the power of humility in her “Yes” to the coming of Jesus and being ready to accept the heavy responsibility. Mary believed that if what she was doing was from God, thus, God would be with her.

God invites us to be like Mary to offer ourselves to Him and trust fully in Him since those who believe in God will get eternal life. Besides, God is eternal love and He is working in us always to spread His love. We are the people who God chooses to become His love ambassadors. This means that every time we love others, we fulfill our responsibility as God’s people. Let us ask God to open our hearts and minds to understand His will as He manifests it to us.

By Fr. Aris Mada, SVD.

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