Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Operarii pauci (Mt. 9:37)


God keeps on calling. Every moment, every time, God calls everyone to be His workers. God calls and needs workers to help His work of salvation as is told in the gospel today. Are we called and sent by Jesus? I do believe that when we’re baptized as Catholics, we’ve been carrying out the mission of Jesus. However, our mission is not only for Catholics but for everyone who wants to accept the Gospel of Christ!

The vocation and mission of Jesus are not only aimed at people living in monasteries or imposed only on priests, sisters, brothers, and seminarians, in short, those who are called to religious life. Not only them, but it applies to everyone! The call of Jesus is universal, applies to all people, regardless of their particular social status.   

We as disciples of Jesus are called and sent into the world to save it. In the midst of situations that deify worldly things and overshadowed by lots of conflicts let alone the coronavirus pandemic nowadays, God continues to call and send people who truly want to work for the world. In fact, Jesus’ words are still relevant for us “The harvest is many, but the laborers are few.” God needs people who are willing to work to save the world, save others, work for the people, not only for our own self. When God calls and sends us, God will accompany us every step of the mission. We should realize that our current vocation, whatever our status of life is, whatever positions we have, we are called and sent to be partners with God who saves the world, save others. See that he never sends us wrongly! We have received our salvation freely, so we are also obliged to share it freely. We will get grace when we really want to serve God and others.

By Frt. Sandre Loreng, SVD.

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