Monday, December 14, 2020

Apertus oculus (Nu. 24:3)


We need the Spirit of God to inspire us and enlighten our minds. Thanks to this spiritual gift we can see and understand everything better. We are capable of recognizing the truth in all circumstances. Consequently, we can share our thoughts with others and help them with our prayers. 

Do you believe that you have already received the charism of the Lord? Accordingly, you are able to see, hear, and speak in the name of Jesus. Yes, you as a child of God can find the divine answers not only for yourself but also for your sisters and brothers in Christ. 

The Advent season is the proper time to open the eyes of your soul. You are to see the beauty of the universe and of human beings. For all of us are planted by the Lord beside the spiritual source. It depends on us how much we will get from there. 

Let's become preachers of good tidings in the world that forgets about the Lord. Let's pray to become like prophets with far-seeing eyes and ears which hear the word of God. Yes, we are very close to the Lord, Jesus Christ. He lives in us and we live in him. We receive the divine answers through the Scriptures while meditating on the words of God. 

The Son of God and his kingdom is close at hand. So let's trust in the words of the Holy Bible. Do not focus only on the words of people but rather on the powerful word of God. Thus, we will live in peace and share peace with the needy. In this way, we will make the right decisions easier and follow Christ. 

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