Tuesday, November 3, 2020

In regno Dei (Lk. 14:15)


Have you been invited to the banquet? What do you feel when you are the one that gets the invitation? Perhaps, we have been welcomed to the dinner. We are joyful because the host knows and remembers us well. Same with that, we are happy people indeed as we are invited by God to enter His Kingdom. We are special people for God who knows and remembers us well.

Today’s gospel tells us about those who will enter the Kingdom of God. Those who will get into the Kingdom of God are those who open their heart to accept God’s invitation and believe in eternal life come from Jesus Christ. Christians are the people who get this invitation, thus will be glad about it. The Kingdom of God offers eternal salvation. We efforts to get it by putting God in the first place and doing good, such as establishing fraternity, respecting differences, putting the last first, help each other, etc., as the implementations of loving God. However, as a Christian, we are not good enough to implement it. Sometimes we reject God’s offering or invitation. We are more focusing on our importance rather than God’s invitation. We focus on our business and forget to pray and come to God. In our family, we do not put God as our center of life, instead of our selfishness.

The opportunity comes once yet we will lose it for we do not take it. Every time, God invites us to His Kingdom. Now, it depends on us to accept it or not. If we reject his invitation, God will give it to others. May we who believe in Jesus Christ accept God's invitation every time.

May God pour his joy into our hearts and strengthen us to keep faith in the name of Jesus. 

By Fr. Aris Mada, SVD.

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