Tuesday, November 24, 2020

De templo (Lk. 21:5)


How do we feel when we see beautiful churches? I am sure that we immediately adore their aesthetic aspect. However, sometimes, we do not realize what’s really happening. We admire the beauty of the church while we forget about the main aim of it which is a place for praying and honouring God. 

In today’s gospel, Jesus reminds some people about that fact, that God is the aim for establishing a church. The temple is a facility for people to gather together to praise God. Saint Luke on 21:15 writes that when the people were admiring the beautiful temple built upon solid stones and beautiful ornamentation, Jesus reminds them “as for these things that you see, the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down”. In other words, Jesus wants to tell them that the church will not be of any worth if your eyes do not see God and if your heart is far from Him.

Today’s gospel invites us as well to recognize the core meaning of a church as a place for praying and honouring God. During this pandemic, we have come to realize more about the importance of the church as we are banned from gathering, including celebrating Eucharistic together in the church. Not only us, but many people throughout the world also miss coming to church. People yearn to unite with Jesus Christ by eating His body. How grateful we should have been for it.

Let us ask God to open our eyes and mind in rethinking over the meaning of a temple and realizing the existence of God in our life in the here and now. God Bless us.

By Fr. ArisMada, SVD

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