Sunday, November 1, 2020

Beati pauperes spiritu (Mt. 5:3)


“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” When I read this passage, it reminded me of my experience in the first week of August. I had a chance to give communion to the elderly and the disabled. Actually, I was a little bit thirsty and hungry because right after the Mass I went from house to house. This did not bother me. The important thing was to bring Jesus to our brothers and sisters who long to receive Him. That day, I visited the house of the disabled boy. I could feel the joy he felt as I looked at his face. He kept on shouting even though he could not speak and he smiled at me. I could not express what I felt at that moment. I felt a garble of emotions in my heart but one thing I’m sure that seeing him made me happy. Then I uttered a special prayer for him. After I gave him communion, I asked permission from his mother if I could carry him and have a picture with her son. The mother was a little hesitant, perhaps because I look so thin and she doubted whether I could carry her boy. She told me that her son is heavy. I insisted and I carried the boy in my arms, embraced, and kissed him. He was so happy despite his condition and when we took the picture, he was looking at me and laughing with pure joy. That moment really touched me and left a deep impression in my heart. In my heart, I said, “thank you Lord for allowing me to experience your presence within this little boy.”

 I am so grateful for this experience and as we celebrate today the solemnity of all saints that comes to my mind is the message of Mo. Teresa of Calcutta: “Do ordinary things with great love. Do something beautiful for God.” So, my dear brothers and sisters, some of us might not be declared saints but we are all called to live out and imitate the life of the saints. Let us challenge ourselves to help people around us especially in this pandemic, help them experience the presence of God in our little ways, through our words and deeds.

By Sr. Imelda, MSBS.

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