Monday, November 2, 2020

Domine caeli et terrae (Mt. 11:25)


On 2nd November we pray for all souls of the departed brothers and sisters. Should we feel sad or depressed because they are not with us anymore? Or rather would it better to praise God the Father for our beloved family members, friends, and colleagues? Jesus Christ, the Son of God, teaches us to bless the Creator of heaven and earth, and the Lord of life and death.

As human beings, we neither understand everything nor control our future. It is enough if we accept our present life as a gift from the loving Father. For him, time and space are not a problem. Only we-the earthly species are closed and depend on these realities. Obviously, the omnipotent God can reveal the mysteries of the spiritual life to us. Thus, thanks to the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are able to comprehend the hidden life in the heavenly kingdom. 

Especially when we commemorate our departed relatives and friends, we are to come closer to Jesus and ask him for eternal peace. If we are overburdened by difficult circumstances and painful experiences, we can approach Jesus as our Redeemer and Saviour. We are never alone. His gentle presence and strong-arm support us. In him, we find rest for our souls. 

As Christians, we do believe in the communion of the saints. During our prayers, we do partake in the inner life of God and meet with all souls. Eventually, we will live forever and ever with all the saints, angels, and our beloved brothers and sisters. So, let us bless our Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.  

By Fr. Jozef Trzebuniak, SVD. 

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