Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Dominus salus mea (Ps. 27:1).


COVID 19 turned our plans upside down. By the fourth week of March, Maumere was placed under total lockdown. The church that used to be filled with believers had gone empty.

However, by God's grace, churches were reopened to the faithful in the first week of July.  People started going to church again. The crisis did not quench the people's thirst to hear God's words and receive the Holy communion. What consoled me during this challenging situation was the presence of young people in the church, attending mass and devotions not only on Sundays but also on weekdays. Every Friday and Saturday of the first week of the month, people also come for adoration and Rosary.

Seeing this fervor in people strengthens me and gives me hope. The responsorial Psalm of today which says: “The Lord is my light and my salvation” reminds us of our total trust in Him. Despite many challenges and crises that we are now facing in our religious vocation, yet God always enlightens us.

By Sr. Imelda, SMBS.

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