Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Suscipe spiritum meum (Act 7:59)

Our strength is not located in body, but in spirit.
Our beauty cannot be seen with eyes, but with heart.
Our wisdom is not in sophisticated words, but in testimony.

Therefore, we are very often misunderstood by people who live in the world of senses. But though we live on the same world, our attention turns towards heaven. Moreover, because we follow Jesus and his teaching, we know that everything is from God. Even our daily bread and all ordinary things come from his great grace. Further, in these simple things we can discover a deep spiritual meaning. If only we open the eyes of our heart, we are able to see the hidden beauty. And we start to understand and discern the signs of God's presence in our world. Finally, if we have tasted it once, we desire this spiritual food all the time. Thus we come to know that only Jesus is the source of all our longings and needs. When we have met him in our life, we do not want anything else but him who satisfies all our desires and who is the answer to all our questions.  

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