Monday, April 23, 2012

Pax vobis! (Lc 24:36)

Peace be with you!

We do not understand the gift of peace being given us by Jesus Christ. On the contrary we are rather restless and terrified by circumstances. Usually things which happen are too difficult for us to comprehend them all. For that reason we are afraid to accept his holy gift and to change our attitude. Nevertheless, Jesus comes to us every day in the Bible and the sacrament of Eucharist. And every time he asks the same questions: Why are you so troubled? Why are you thinking so much? Why do you try to resolve all your problems by yourself? And adds: I am here with you to help you. Because you are not able to overcome anything without me. Please, come to me closer, touch me and recieve my advise into your noisy heart. 
Jesus is one of us. Moreover, he is our best friend and likes spending time with each of us. His purpose is always to speak directly to our minds the words of truth, joy and love. By his Holy Spirit he helps us to discern the hidden meaning of the Scriptures. Further, he makes us his disciples and witnesses to all people and nations. 

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