Saturday, April 28, 2012

Subito circumfulsit eum lux de caelo (Act 9:3)

A light from the sky suddenly flashed around him...

In my life I need the light from high to enlighten me. Because there is still a lot of darkness around and inside me. For that reason very often I am not able to use my senses correctly. I have problem with seeing, hearing, feeling and so I am limited. I would like to be free and look at the world with open mind. But even if God speaks to me, I have difficulty to recognize his voice. Nevertheles he all the time wants me to stand up and be a wise and responsible person. However, very often I do not have enough strength to rise up and live in fullness. Still I depend on others who are stronger than me and need their help. And God sends good people to my life who give me support in due course. The only challenge is to listen to them and to follow their advice. Also, I should be more humble and ready to change my behavior. Thus I will be a chosen instrument of God to carry his name and suffer for him.   

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