Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have seen the Lord

The rays of sunshine were appearing
But the woman’s heart was still in darkness.
Her beloved disappeared three days ago
And now she was weeping lonely.
Her eyes were full of bitter tears
While she saw two angels in white.

A little spark of hope shone in her heart
When they asked with gentle voice:
Why are you weeping so bitterly?
She didn’t want to talk but answered:
My soul is suffering because of him.
So the angels were not able to help her.

She turned around and saw a man
Who looked like a gardener.
Hardly she opened her mouth and said:
Please, help me to find the One I love!
Mary! – the familiar sound of his voice
Suddenly woke her up from the dream.

 Rabbouni! – she exclaimed
And wanted to embrace him warmly.
But he looked up toward heavens
And told her: My Father is waiting!
She understood and with joy in heart
Went back to her friends announcing:
I have seen the Lord!   

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