Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dereliquisti fontem sapientiae! (Ba 3:12)

You have forsaken the fountain of wisdom!
Had you walked in the way of God,
you would have dwelt in enduring peace!
Learn where prudence is, where strength,
where understanding, where light, and peace.

Your wisdom, my God, is very close at hand. But my hands are not open to receive it. I prefer to walk in my own ways, not in yours. And therefore I do not have inner peace. I am looking for peace, but do not know where to find it because I have forsaken where is the source. I do know that in you there is prudence, strength, understanding, and peace, but I am neither prudent, nor strong, nor wise, nor peaceful. The reason is that I am not used to drink from your fountain. However, I do believe that you have the power to grant the light and everything trembling obeys you. Please, bestow on me your graces! I open my heart waiting for your Holy Spirit of wisdom. Here I am! Standing with open hands to get your divine light and to shine with joy for you. Thank you for enlightening my path of life and sending me farther to carry your light to others. 

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