Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angelus Domini locutus est (Act 8:26)

The angel of the Lord spoke...

Very often I do not know what I am supposed to do. I am not able to distinguish between the Lord's plans for me and my own. And for that reason I am confused. But God always sends an angel to show me exactly what my future will be like. This angel usually speaks through my superiors, sometimes by friends and many other people. Moreover, during silent meditation in the chapel good thoughts come to my mind too. When I listen to this angel's message, very often there is anxiety in my heart. Nevertheless I believe that I should follow his holy voice inside me, on the other hand I am afraid because my reason tells me that maybe another solution and plan would be also possible. And therefore, I doubt and it is a big problem. Furthermore, I am usually not certain whether this voice comes directly from God, since the evil spirits are also able to send their messages. In that confusion, the word of God comes with help for me. And if I can find confirmation in the Bible, then I am sure that I should follow these spiritual voices. Also if at the holy table of the Eucharist I find consolation and the divine peace flows into my heart, it is the next proof that God is calling me to do his will. And finally, when in my silent prayer before the tabernacle I am peaceful, it means the Spirit of Lord is working within me, gently teaching and showing me what God wants me to accomplish. 

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