Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bonum Certamen | The Good Fight

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.” – 2Timothy 4: 7


Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. What would you do if you knew that today is your last day to live on this earth? What would you ask for? Who do you want to talk to before you leave this world? What is your last wish?

Our passage today is the last known letter that Paul wrote to Timothy, in fact to anyone. According to the historians, not long after he wrote this, he was executed by the Romans.

In this letter to Pastor Timothy, Paul’s heart was not for his own safety but with the church and the thing he wanted the most - the companionship of Pastor Timothy (verse 9 and 21). He didn’t ask for a good lawyer to bail him out of jail or other comforts of life. This was because Paul knew that he has completed his tasks that God set for him to do. He said in the previous section, “I have finished the course … and for me, there laid out a crown” (verse 7 and 8). Nothing in this world have a hold of him now. One thing that he asked twice was that Timothy would come and visit him one last time.

In the reflection of this passage, Paul knew what really matters in this life and it was neither riches, nor fame, nor life accomplishments, but the joy of knowing that you have done everything God set you out to do. As we live in this world, we notice that hungry of accomplishments and feats. Through this passage, God wants us to know that pleasing Him is the most important thing in this life. Nothing else should matter, but pleasing the Lord.

But how? First, by knowing the things that please God. How do we know those things? By spending time in His Word of course. Second, by doing what we do know that pleases God. It is living the life that makes God smiles upon us.

Can you imagine what was going through Paul’s mind on that crisp morning when they woke him up and told him to get ready for his execution? I truly believe that Paul only had one thing in his mind - “I’m going HOME”.

Are you living the life that pleases Him now? Are you sure that you have tried your best to do what God has set you to do? If not, then why? As we are entering into the Passion Week, let us introspect our hearts and lives today.

God be with you, Amen.



Reflection on 2Timothy 4:9-22 by Pst. Devy Nanlohy

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