Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In Auctorem Fidei | In Our Faith

"Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God." - Hebrews 12: 15

Faith is a personal decision to accept the offering of God’s salvation for mankind. This faith shows God’s grace and the total love of God to us. God does not want mankind to be destructed because of sins. Whereas he desires salvation. Therefore, God offers salvation to mankind, and our answer to this offer is stated and manifested in our faith by which we submit to God’s love and strive to live as his children.

The inclusion of sin into human life, on the other hand, has made the passion for faith purer and truer. Faith always contradicts with sin, as faith brings humanity to God, while sin dips the humanity down away from God.

We often ask questions about our faith when we are faced with various or many challenges in this life. When our physical energy could no longer withstand obstacles that come to our lives, that’s the time when we feel God is so far away.

In Christian life, challenges to the faith must be encountered. In this encounter, it is expected that our faith is to be purified, and such purification is expressed clearly in surrendering ourselves to God - the only Helper and Focus of our life. Moreover, God’s salvation must be strived by man. The strive is implemented in our endurance in the time when our faith is being tested. Our question will be: Do we easily give up when our faith is challenged and tested?

Saint Joseph Freinademetz said: “Love is a universal language that is understood by all people”. Every one of us can understand love because we are the image of God’s love. And only through love towards others, we can manifest our faith. Such faith will be able to touch people’s hearts and invite them to improve themselves.

The letter to the Hebrews helps us to realize our existence as the loving God’s creation. We are not led into darkness, or a blazing fire, but our life is led towards salvation, which, by the letter to the Hebrews, is illustrated as Mount Zion and heavenly Jerusalem. Also, the letter to the Hebrews invites us to get closer to God.

If we love God in our lives more and if we endure the faith test, then we are living out our faith socially, and so we are getting closer to God. Here, once again love becomes the means. We strive to share God’s love with everyone and invite others to get closer to God.

Have I been able to bring others closer to God and feel God’s love? Let us live out our faith by doing love in our lives. Be true and keep firm in your faith. God bless you all.

 Reflection on Hebrews 12:13-29 by Fr. Victory D. Lianain, SVD

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