Sunday, March 14, 2021

Fidelis Sermo | Trustworthy Saying

"Here is a trustworthy saying... " - 1 Timothy 3: 1

Today’s verse for reflection is a gentle reminder how amazing the Holy Bible is. Yes – the verse speaks of gentle instructions how to conduct oneself if one wants to be an overseer. But beyond the detailed instructions, it just speaks so much of how God has thought about everything. It’s just amazing how God concerns himself with every detail of our lives – not only of whether or not we go to church every Sunday and hear mass.

It reminded me of a concept I learned before – the concept of “Unity of Life”. It reminded me how we cannot compartmentalize God in one area and conduct ourselves differently in other areas of our lives. As Christians, we need to reflect Jesus Christ in how we conduct ourselves and most especially how we deal with others. 

I read somewhere that for some people, we are the only Bible they will ever read. In some modification of that thought, it might be worth to give it a thought whether other people see Jesus when they encounter us. It’s a good thought to meditate and contemplate on. Unity of Life is such a beautiful concept as to how we let Jesus in other areas of our lives, most especially in areas where other people can easily relate to. We just never know when another soul may need to see Jesus through us.

The verse today also reminded as how practical the Bible is, how it helps not just in our spiritual lives, but into our daily, practical lives as well. God has brought it to a level we can all relate to. This is the God that we have, a God that sees the big things and the small things. 

I will always be humbled by a God who concerns Himself with all the details of my life, for I will never know how I deserved this much attention. And as always – it always comes back to love. A love that transcends the supernatural and spills over to the practical, and I will always be thankful and in awe.



Reflection on 1 Timothy 3: 1-15 by Blessie Sto Tomas

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