Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tollat crucem suam (Lc 9:23)

Today's Gospel portrays  the delicacy and depth of God's love in the invitation to follow Jesus. It's true that every invitation leads us to make choices: whether to be a part of the event you are called for or not. Usually, we make our free choice depending on the type and degree of relationship. Obviously, many other criteria come alive under varied circumstances. Today we are in the receipt of such an irrevocable invitation from Jesus, with its highlights: deny, take up and follow.  
'Denying oneself' means to come before the Lord naked - emptying myself - that Ican be wrapped with God's unconditional love just the way I am, without any mask. Then I show the willingness to 'take up' the cares and worries of my neighbors, by consciously entering into their world which sometimes may even seem bleak coupled with uncertainties. Here I offer  myself as a soothing  balm to the those wounded ones who are in need of healing. This demands me to live in time and space, side by side along with my brothers and sisters.   
'Follow me' reminds me of  shore of Lake Galilee, where Jesus  enticed the first disciples with His dream for the humanity. I am simply 'caught up' in His mission to be a partner with Him. As a disciple, I grow daily. I try to listen to His voice deep within my heart and I unite my will with His will. Jesus Christ will never leave me alone. Especially in my weaknesses He will manifest His love (by Jessy Paul SSpS).

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