Monday, February 20, 2017

Omnis sapientia (Sir 1:1-10)

All wisdom comes from the Lord and also all good intentions, emotions, thoughts, etc. The wisdom is a gift of God in which all people participate: women and men, adults and children. The wisdom created the whole universe with all rules and laws which set the order in cosmos. Therefore, every being takes part in the divine wisdom which is eternal and present everywhere. As human beings we are not able to comprehend the whole wisdom but only a little bit of it. However, every prudent and holy person can discover more and more during studies and meditations. Reading the Holy Bible the faithful can enter in the depth of God's wisdom and be entlighted by its splendor. Following the ways of wisdom all people are able to inherit the everlasting life and happiness in the Kingdom of God. The wise man acknowledges that there is but one and truly aweinspiring God. He is the Lord of all wisdom whose Holy Spirit fulfills the heaven and earth. He is omnipotent and takes care of every living thing according to his bounty. He also enriches the hearts of his beloved children with the divine grace and wisdom.

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