Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ubi es? (Gn 3:9)

Never can we escape from the love of the heavenly Father. Although we sometimes prefer to live our own life, but it is impossible to live without the Spirit of Love. All the time God is with us and his Holy Spirit gives us life. Especially, when we made a mistake, we should remember that it is better to come to him and to let him embrace us with his love. If we committed sin, we are to keep in mind that our Father waits for us and wants to forgive everything. 
When we are in serious troubles, other people are not able to help us because they are also weak and fragile. Thus, our only hope is in the Divine Mercy. Sins, weakensses, bad choices which we all make can be overcome by the grace from heaven. The power of God can destroy all the devil's plans. Accordingly, we are able to be free and to become holier and holier every day. 
We need to know that we are not allowed to follow the way of the evil one. It is much better for us to suffer than to choose the easier way in life. We must be obedient to God, love one another and work patiently in order to get reward in the heavenly kingdom.

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