Friday, March 24, 2017

Ex toto corde (Mk 12:30)

The acid test for our love for God is always the love we have for our neighbour! In the scripture, we see Jesus answering with conviction that love of God and love of neighbour is needed to live a holy life. Therefore, when you foresee the joy of the other, when you joyfully offer to others what legitimately belongs to you, when you accept everything as a gift, you do love as Jesus. 
What motivated Jesus was the conviction that he has received a gift of love from his Abba Father. The Son of God maintained a deep relationship with the giver of His life. He longed to be in  solitude with his Father, for example on the mountain, at the sea shore, in the temple, etc.) and was publicly engaged with the Father.  
Jesus applied the same principle of the divine love to all everyday relationships.  He had a personal encounter with those who needed special attention. Accordingly, he socialized himself with men and women, tax collectors and sinners, etc. It was love in its pure and practical form. 
I wonder if I at times do not fall into undue religiosity and rituals. I am able to kneel down and pray a whole rosary but I find it difficult to bend my head before some people. I show the willingness to keep a night vigil before the blessed sacrament but I fail to volunteer to keep awake with a bed ridden brother or sister of mine. I am keen on making pilgrimage even at far places but at the same time I run short of  time to visit my neighbours in the vicinity. 
As Christians it is our responsibility to share love in our endeavors to all who are entrusted to us. For instance,  among parents and children, husband and wife, brother and sister, boss and assistant, teacher and student, formator and formandi, rich and poor, healthy and weak, friend and foe, etc. 
Yes, Jesus loved His life, held it as a priceless gift and finally offered it for us.  I am invited to love  God and my brothers and sisters, with all my soul, heart, mind and strength (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

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