Monday, March 27, 2017

Ecce ego creo (Is 65:17)

During Lent God wants to create in you new heavens and a new earth. It means he tries to transform your soul and to touch your body with his grace. The holy time is meant for the inner healing with an important impact on the whole person. 
God the Father does not make you remember your pains and sufferings from the past. Instead, he prepares everything so you could feel happy. The beloved Father has created you to be a joy and a delight for others. For that reason, you are supposed to shine with gladness on your face. Because God loves you, he rejoices when he sees you joyful.  His divine Heart suffers if you weep or cry.
The God's Providence embraces you and leads you through life. Also God the Father sends his holy angels and good people who help you, especially in the times of trouble. Moreover, his Holy Spirit is always with you to support and encourage your spirit. 
As a beloved child, you testify that God is the heavenly Father who never leaves you. Thus, every good work you perform is the sign that his divine Spirit is upon you.

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