Sunday, April 2, 2017

Maledicti sunt! (J 7:49)

Some people condemn others because they do not know the law. But the disciples of Christ cannot pass judgments on one another. For the Christians know that God’s nature is infinite love. In the Church everyone is included and enjoys the privilege of the child of God. We are the sharers of the divine love at all circumstances and for all kinds of people regardless of their earthy status or gender.
During the Lent season, God invites us to ‘include’ everyone in our circle and to ‘exclude’ noone. Jesus loudly proclaimed in his attitudes and actions that we are supposed to love one another. Love demands lot of patience and grace from God. Moreover, we ought to be at the side of all those who need us. We are to weep with those in need, instead of giving a lecture. We ought to notice the dormant good in the other even at the face of the most unpleasant situations. We must to be real healers of the souls with the comforting presence and forgiving attitude. We need to practice a gentle and loving touch. Thus, our brothers and sisters will know that Jesus touches them (by Jessy Paul SSpS). 
Therefore, let us pray together in these words:
When you wake up say: “Jesus, I love you
When leaving the house say: “Jesus, come with me”
When you feel like crying say: “Jesus, hug me”
When you feel happy say: “Jesus, I adore you”
When you do something say: “Jesus, help me”
When you make a mistake say: “Jesus, forgive me”
When you go to sleep say: “Thank you Jesus and cover me with your Holy mantle”

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