Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mulier, quid ploras? (Jn 20:15)

How often are we sad or troubled? Something did not go the way we wanted. Someone offended us. We again committed the same sin and broke the commandments. It happened and now we are not able to forgive others or ourselves. We do not understand why God could have let it happen to us. 
As Mary Magdalene we are staying and weeping. Thus, we focus on the dark side of our life. In this situation our guard angles are with us but we even do not perceive their presence. Since we prefer to stay alone with our pain and suffering. Our Lord seems to be far away and we just see his cross in our soul. 
Good people and angels ask why we feel so depressed. However, we do not like to talk or share our deep feelings. Although Jesus speaks to us we are like blind and deaf people. We think that it is impossible to meet Christ personally. 
For that reason, we must be called by name in order to turn towards the Lord. We need to open our heart of stone for his gentle voice and answer with love. Certainly, we are not allowed to hold Jesus only for ourselves. But we are invited to meet him in our curcumstances and then to share this experience with others. 

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