Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nomine Emmaus (Lk 24:13)

Today we are with the disciples who encountered the Risen Lord on the way to Emmaus. They tell us how gently they were invited by the Lord to open their hearts and share stories of pain and anguish. Jesus knew that they needed a let out as they have witnessed the dreadful crucifixion of their Master. Hence, the sharing became very therapeutic for the disciples, causing them to recognize the Risen Lord! Like a mentor, Jesus further leads them to understand scripture in the light of what they have shared. Following the example of our Master, we see that it is each one’s duty to sense the other’s world and set a conducive and trustful atmosphere where such a deep level sharing triggers inner freedom. Inversely, we need to measure what is our own level of trust to go through such a process in the presence of our Lord and our earthly mentors?  The disciples nostalgically recall those exciting moments they felt their hearts were burning during their conversation and those still moments when their eyes were opened as He broke bread for them. 
In a second encounter, the disciples are baffled with another question from the Risen Lord, “Have you anything to eat?” The same question resonates in our hearts today because like the disciples, we walked with Jesus, listened to Him, shared our inner turbulence with Him and experienced the inner healing. Now the Lord expects us to be on a giving mode - breaking oneself for the others, nourishing their souls with love. I am encouraged to do a soul searching, “What do I have within that I can offer to God and His people?” I believe the hunger of every soul is to reach the divine ultimately. It is also inevitable that human beings have the need to feel loved, accepted at least to some extent as they embark on their life journey. In order to answer the question of the Lord, let us give our loving heart for others to draw vital energy as to sustain themselves. Jesus, the great Mentor invites us to reinforce the ability to walk with others patiently, listen to their inner groaning with compassion, inspire trust and hope, challenge the shadows and elicit goodness from them (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

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