Monday, April 10, 2017

Martha, Lazarus, Maria (J 12:2)

Jesus is looking for friends because as a human being needs special people to share his longings and thoughts. He knows where to search them and whom to choose. His relations are based on trust and sincerity. Although, the Son of God is gentle and sympathetic towards all the people he meets, he does not spend the whole time with the crowd. He prefers to stay alone with his Father and to abide with his friends who are called apostles, brothers and sisters. 
These special friends open their hearts for Jesus and he opens his divine Heart for them. Thus, they are able to discover the deep desires of his Heart and to serve him in the best way. The true friends do not worry if they have to offer some time for one another. On the contrary, the gathering is the appropriate occasion to rest and to enrich one each other. 
Jesus does not ask his friends for a favor because they have already known all the longins of his holy Heart. Nowadays, such friends are wanted among the Christians for they are Christ-like. Thanks to them the society becomes much better and more human. 

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