Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pronus in faciem (Gen 3:3)

Abraham fell face down and God said to him: “This is my covenant with you. I was amazed to know the mysterious ways of God. For God has made covenant with the ninety nine year old Abraham! We know the outcome of Abraham’s total surrender to God’s dreams. By establishing a covenant with Abraham, God gently invites him to leave His secure and familiar ground behind and move to unfamiliar realms. He asks him to change his name from Abram to Abraham. His package also consists of a promise of a land and numberless descendents! And Abraham acts with the great faith! But wasn’t it risky to be led responding to God's call and promises at this age?
In fact, in every moment of our life Lord comes to us with the similar packages of assurance and His promises. With some we strike a deal and with some we do not. It happens because of the fear of  unknown. By striking a deal with God, I fear to lose my identity, name and comfort zone!
Unfortunately, engulfed by this fear and false images, I forget God's faithfulness and the assurance of His constant presence. Due to this, I am likely to experience conflict if I am asked for a different mission, professional study or transfer to the preferred place. In reality, God is always with us visibly and invisibly during our change over times or seemingly unpleasant situations. I am invited by my God to bow my head in trust, to put on the identity of God’s own and priced possession, to take daring steps and be a channel of blessing for others. I hear the Lord whispering with extended hands, “May I have this dance?” I let Him lead the dance of life according to His rhythm! (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

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