Saturday, May 6, 2017

Via et veritas et vita (Jn 14:6)

The uniqueness of the way means that it is always open and freely accommodates all those who pass by expecting nothing but leading to an intended destination. When Jesus says that He is the way, He lays himself for us to walk on through Him to God who is our final destination. One may find cross roads, winding roads, narrow roads, desert roads, steep roads, high ways, etc. if chosen to make a larger itinerary. So also in our life, it is inevitable that we prepare ourselves to stroll through all kinds of pathways the life has in store for us. Jesus too never had a smooth ride but often had to choose the rough and less travelled roads in order to reach his life goal. May the attitude, courage and daring spirit of Jesus be the provision on our way.
 Jesus is convinced of the fact that He is the truth and the God himself. The truth can never be hidden but to be revealed. The truth always sets us free, be it about oneself, others or events that take place mysteriously. Jesus was an open book before His Abba, disciples and people around. He never stopped himself from telling the truth about his own existence and purpose. Our human nature at times puts us in a cautious mode, to prevent intrusion into our personal space. We may be also worried what others would think about us if they saw us just the way we are! The journey to the self involves risk, patience and determination but it brings the hard laboured fruit of liberation.  Jesus invites us to trust Him and our earthly mentors in order to help us see our own selves truly in the light of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is our life here and now and He is our life after too. It is wonderful to know that He constitutes our life and all about us. He is risen overpowering death; hence, we have life with Him and through Him. The Kingdom - the new earth and heaven - is here and we have access to it. There lies a wakeup call to rise to the knowledge that He is the way, truth and life. Let us dive into those spiritual realms letting this knowledge to be personified in our lives (by Jessy Paul SSpS).

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