Monday, May 29, 2017

Nunc scimus (Jn 16:30)

We usually have many doubts and questions towards God. We would like to ask him about our past and future. We even are not sure about the here and now. For that reason we are to spend more time on the contemplative prayer. For while we sit in silence, we recognize that all these troubles disappear from our mind. We also start to believe that our God is omnipotent and we do not have to worry too much. 
The Son of God tells us that the most dangerous is leaving God and living on your own with your problems. Since Satan wants us to be scattered and shut in depression. But Jesus assures that we are never alone because our Father is always with us. Knowing this fact we have inner peace in spite of troubles and difficulties. Moreover, in the Spirit of Christ we take courage and overcome everything.

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