Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fructum plus (Jn 15:2)

We are all in Christ. For that reason, we are called to bear good fruit. However, we sometimes forget about our vocation and behave in the wrong way. So Jesus again and again reminds us that we need to remain in him not to be lost. He speaks to our heart gently and wants us to be obedient to his voice. 
The Good News is all about the communion with Christ. As human beings we are to feel his love towards us in every moment of our life. Since there is no happiness in loneliness. Without his divine love we are not able to survive in the difficulties or daily troubles. Without this kind of love we wither spiritually and lose the sense of life. Without being in love with Jesus, we fall into fire of the earthly desires. 
Overall, we are supposed to remain in the God's love and to keep his words in our hearts. If we love Christ wholeheartedly, we can be sure that everything will be fine. For he will never let us be alone. On the contrary, he will lead us to the eternal happiness in the kingdom of heaven. 

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