Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pasce populum tuum (Mi 7:14)

As human beings we need a shepherd who leads us. We need someone who shows us the way and teaches how to follow the right path. Since we are like children who are lost without a guard.
Therefore, we ask God to show us his wonders and miracles. Thus, he removes our guilts and pardons sins. Since he is also a merciful Father who wants to console us. He never persists in his anger but delights in clemency towards us. 
Consequently, we feel that we are loved by God. Our eyes open and hearts rejoice. We do not focus on the weak side of our life any longer. On the contrary, we acknowledge that we are right and beloved. We experience that there are so many good people and angels who support us on the road. We meet the faithful friends who accompany us in every moment of our life. 
It happens because the grace of God is with us all the time. As Jesus Christ has promised, the Holy Spirit helps us and dwells in our souls. Happily we open ourselves for the divine love and love others.

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