Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beatus vir (Ps 1:1)

As Christian you are called to become holy. But what does it mean? The blessed person is the one who delights in the Lord and meditates on his words all the time. It happens because the holy one loves the Lord and at the same time he knows that the Lord loves him. The saint prefers to abide with the Lord rather than with the wicked and tries his best not to commit sins. 
The power of the holy Christian comes directly from the Holy Spirit. The blessed is always in the spiritual contact with the Lord. He does good and lives the holy life because his inner strength comes from the divine source. Accordingly, he behaves rightly and is fulfilled with hope. 
The blessed prospers in his endeavours because is united with the Lord who watches over all his ways. Thus, every word and action of the blessed is fruitful and empowering. The good example of the saint begins in the generous heart where he treasures the word of God. 

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