Friday, March 10, 2017

Prius reconciliare (Mt 5:24)


One of the central messages of Jesus to the humanity was reconciliation which he exemplified throughout his life and especially while hanging on the cross. Mathew describes Jesus as having a sense of right and wrong, handling anger, insult, facilitating reconciliation and peace. 
As I look around the universe, nature and people, I come in touch with the existence of the opposites. For examples: night and day, negative and positive, good and bad, hills and valleys, white and black, hot and cold, life and death, etc. I believe that reconciliation between the both leads to wholeness and life. In addition, it can be applicable on a personal and communal level. 
In order to reach the fullness of life which Jesus has promised, I need to enter into my own world in the light of the Holy Spirit. I am to bring acceptance, reconciliation between the elements which are constantly in fight. At times my mind and body, emotions and behavior, actual self and ideal self can be at two different poles bringing discord and disharmony. To establish harmony, I require patience to work with myself and humility to accept God's grace. 
In this process, I become aware of my ego which wants to punish, insult, take revenge on others or to protect myself.  In the second level, I consciously get to know the fact that I am a representative of Jesus Christ who brought reconciliation between God and the fallen humanity. This fact encourages me to take action towards reconciliation and peace among my own brothers and sisters in the community. I understand that they are equally vulnerable and often wounded. 
Jesus teaches me today: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you". I am invited to go beyond my natural inclination and care for myself. When I do not know what to do next, I ask myself those questions: Is it in line with my conscience? Is it going to help me and others? Does God want it at this point of my life?  
May this season of Lent keep reminding us of the reconciliation that Jesus initiated and of our responsibility to follow his example (by s. Jessy Paul SSpS).

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